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Shopping for dresses by color is a quick and convenient way to shop online. Whether you’re looking for your favorite color dress, searching for one to match the event’s theme, or exploring the colorful dresses for a shade that inspires you, start your dress hunt here. To make finding your dream dress a bit easier, you can choose to narrow down the options and only view dresses in the color you prefer. Click to instantly reveal a curated collection of special-occasion dresses in your chosen color. Each of these assortments of dresses by color includes a wide variety of shades, the latest styles, and figure-flattering designs. So, pick a color, pick a dress, and get the party started!

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 What Color Prom Dress Should I Wear?

The color prom dress you choose to wear can depend upon a variety of different factors, including your skin tone, event theme, and personal preference. In today’s constantly evolving fashion world, the traditional rules for what color prom dress you should wear no longer apply. You can now wear any color under the sun, or stand out in a pattern or print prom dress! It’s completely up to you. So how does one narrow down the rainbow of prom dress options to find that dream dress? Here are a few questions to consider when choosing which color dress to wear to prom

What color dress best complements your skin tone?

To discover what colors look best on you, start with determining whether you have cool or warm skin undertones. Typically women with warm skin tones look best in earthy natural shades like green, brown, or bronze. Women with cool skin tones tend to look lovely in rich shades of pink, blue, teal, and purple. 

Does your prom dress have to match the prom theme?

If you love the latest and greatest, be sure to check out what’s trending for prom 2024 before selecting which color prom dress you want to wear. The current prom dress trends are bright pink hues, like neon pink and hot fuchsia pink, and dark green hues, like emerald green and forest green. However, yellow prom dresses and other dress colors, like light blue, light pink, and rose gold, are gaining popularity. Whether you want a subtle or stand-out look, pick your favorite trendy prom dress color and celebrate in style.

Can I wear my favorite color dress to prom?

Of course you can wear your favorite color to prom! Let your personal style and preference shine in your chosen hue. Blaze a trail and confidently rock your favorite color prom dress. After all, the best accessory any girl can wear is a smile. So, if wearing a certain color makes you happy, go for it!

Can I wear a black dress to prom?

Yes! There are a lot of reasons to wear a black dress to prom. If you aren’t sure what you want to wear, or if your goal is to keep your prom look chic and sophisticated, a black prom dress is perfect. A staple in formal fashion wear, black dresses are always in style, flattering for nearly all skin tones, and extremely versatile, so you can wear it again for future formal events. 

Do you want to coordinate with your date?

If you’re attending prom with a date or friends, you may want to go for a cohesive look. You can choose to match your prom outfits, or select colors that complement each other. Communication is key. Once you’ve decided on your prom dress color, be sure to let your date or friends know so they can plan accordingly.
While there are countless fashion magazines, blog posts, social media stories, and online video tutorials that provide advice on how to choose your prom dress color, the best advice is to select a dress color that makes you feel comfortable and confident.